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Books: a Fair and a collection for São Tomé e Príncipe

Feb 28 2020 Published by under Local News

Vila do Bispo hosts the usual book fair, while the libraries in the municipality of Loulé collect books to send to São Tomé e Príncipe.

Book Fair:

The Book Fair will return to the Cultural Center of Vila do Bispo between 14 and 27 March, with sessions with writers and book presentations. The purpose of this event organized by the Vila do Bispo Chamber is “to promote the book and, simultaneously, create reading habits among the local population”. The event can be visited from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 3:30 pm. On Saturday and Sunday, it will be open for the duration of the scheduled activities.

For more information, you can call to Vila do Bispo Municipal Library telephone 282 630 600.

Collection of Books:

As part of the Reading Week, which takes place between the 9th and 13th of March, the Libraries of the municipality of Loulé are promoting a campaign to collect books used to give to São Tomé and Príncipe.

The initiative, which runs until the 13th, is carried out in partnership with the League of Combatants of Loulé and the Portuguese School of São Tomé and Príncipe – CELP.

The books can be delivered to the libraries of private, public and professional schools in the municipality, to the Loulé Municipal Library, to the Documentation Center of the Loulé Municipal Museum and to the Manuel Viegas Guerreiro Foundation, entities that are part of the Library Network.

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Portugal among the most affected by the degradation of ecosystems

Feb 26 2020 Published by under Local News

According to a recent report, Portugal is one of the countries that will suffer the most, economically and socially, with the degradation of ecosystems. Ireland, Norway and Australia are also on the list.

The report was presented in London by the World Wide Fund for Nature, in association with the Global Trade Analysis Project and the Nature Capital Project, hoping to show the reality to world leaders and business people who are not aware of the economic risks of environmental degradation.

It estimated that the world economy will lose 8 trillion euros between 2011 and 2050 due to the loss of ecosystem services. It also highlighted the inaction of several countries in preserving Nature and wildlife, Portugal is one of them.

Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Mozambique, Madagascar are some of the territories that will be more affected by the loss of ecosystem services.

The authors of the research recommend governments and corporations create a deal concerning Nature and people, “incorporating strong global protection of biodiversity and stalling the global loss of this biodiversity by 2030, starting with recovery of Nature from this date”.

The research warns that if governments do not change their procedures, global GDP will fall by 460 billion euros a year.

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Carnaval in Loulé: what to expect!

Feb 24 2020 Published by under What's happening

One of the oldest Lent celebrations in Portugal, with thousands of people coming from everywhere. Check here the schedule of one of the craziest parties in the Algarve, from February 23 to 25!

‘Hollywood’ is the theme for year’s Carnaval in Loulé, so expect a lot of satire and representation of celebrities, actors and classic characters of the world of cinema. The usual float representations of politicians and World leaders will also be present. Some of them are Portuguese PM António Costa, British PM Boris Johnson and U.S.A.’s Donald Trump, to laugh a bit about the absurdness of the World’s current affairs. Samba groups, as well as other dancing groups, also participate in the parade!

The celebrations begin on Sunday at 3 pm and it lasts until 6 pm. The carnival is easy to find, as it takes the whole Avenue José da Costa Mealha in Loulé’s downtown. On the 24th, however, there will be a Grand Ball at the Salão de Festas hall, beginning at 10 pm.

As the organization has done in previous editions, all efforts will be done to make the carnival as eco-friendly as possible. Bars and cafes will distribute reusable and biodegradable paper cups. The goal is to reduce waste in one of the Algarve’s largest events. Guests will be asked to dispose of the cups in brown containers around the area where they will later be turned compost.

The Carnaval de Loulé is one of the Algarve’s most important celebrations. So put on a mask and come! Entrance to the event costs 2 euros.

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President condemns racist chants at FC Porto football match

Feb 21 2020 Published by under Local News

The Portuguese President condemned the racists insults targeted at FC Porto striker Marega last Sunday in Guimarães.

In a statement given to Lusa agency, President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa claimed that the “Constitution of the Portuguese Republic is very clear in condemning racism, as well as other forms of xenophobia and discrimination”.

In the declaration, Mr Rebelo de Sousa also underlined that he and every Portuguese can only “condemn, as always, vehemently, all racist manifestations, of any kind”.

The President also appealed the values of “ethics, civic sense and common sense”, in an effort to avoid “escalations that violate our community’s basic values” in Portugal, contributing to “the fratricidal division among citizens”.

During the match for the National League, Moussa Marega walked off the pitch minutes after scoring a goal, in a response to the racist chants of the supporters of the other team.

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Spanish company to treat Algarve’s wastewater after winning 42-million-euro contract

Feb 21 2020 Published by under Business

Acciona won the public tender to treat the sanitation systems of eastern Algarve, between V. R. de Santo António and Vila Moura, over the next seven years.

Águas do Algarve has awarded Acciona the services for the operation, conservation, and maintenance of water treatment systems in east Algarve. The contract cost the Spanish company around 42 million euros.

Acciona will serve 463 thousand residents, being responsible for over 230 kilometres of pipelines, 72 pumping stations and 44 wastewater treatment plants.

Águas do Algarve had previously announced at the beginning of February that it would award two service supply contracts, in an investment of 100 million euro for maintenance of the Multimunicipal sanitation System of the Algarve until 2027.

The press release issued by the Regional authority said that the organisation was “pleased to award these important services, for a total value of 100.2 million euros, of high value not only for the company but for the region and the environment as a whole.”

These two companies providing services in the region must guarantee that “all the works necessary for the proper functioning, and conservation of the infrastructures inserted in the Multimunicipal Sanitation System of the Algarve” are done.

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Blocked traffic in Tavira

Feb 18 2020 Published by under Local News,What's happening

The city council issued a statement informing about traffic and parking alterations this Friday (21 February) in Tavira, due to the cycling competition ‘Volta ao Algarve’.

As you may now, the iconic cycling race ‘Volta ao Algarve’ is back. As cyclists go through several cities in the region, the Municipalities are issuing statements informing residents where to park and drive during the competition.

The Municipality of Tavira announced in Facebook that traffic will be limited on Friday, February 21, from 8 am onwards, when the athletes are scheduled to arrive.

On Avenue Zeca Afonso (from the municipal swimming pools up to the railroad crossing) access will be limited.

The following streets in Tavira will be blocked from 8am:

– Avenida Zeca Afonso

– Praceta Diogo Mendonça Corte Real

– Rua Dr. Martiniano dos Santos

– Rua Maestro Rebelo Neves

– Arruamentos para a Avenida Zeca Afonso

– Rua Almirante Cândido dos Reis

– Rua Álvaro de Campos

– Rotunda da Nora (EN 125)

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Portugal to consider subsidising UK tourists’ healthcare after Brexit

Feb 18 2020 Published by under Business

Portuguese government will consider keeping the cover offered by the European Health Insurance card for foreigners coming from the UK after Brexit.

In an effort to retain British tourists in Lusitanian lands, the government is planning to offer them subsidised post-Brexit healthcare.

This unilateral offer would guarantee that the cover offered by the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is kept even after both the EU and the UK fail to reach an agreement during 2020’s trades talks.

“We are looking to guarantee this health cover next year. We are currently looking at how often it is used and if it is making a positive impact” said the Tourism Minister Rita Marques. “If these are issues that are important to the British traveller, then we have to go for it. We are trying to minimise the disruption to British tourism.”

Although 2 million Britons visit Portugal every year (the Algarve received 1.2 million in 2019), applying a healthcare system for UK foreigners after they lose the European Health Insurance card would be the most dramatic and costly intervention considered by the Portuguese government.

The EHIC grants EU citizens access to free or reduced-cost healthcare while on holiday in the European Union, it currently pays for 250.000 medical treatments of British tourists every year, according to a House of Commons research. But if there is no deal to keep the UK in the EHIC system, the cover for Britons will cease on 2021, when the Brexit transition year ends.

“The idea is that you would pay the same as a Portuguese person, which is a small fee to see the GP or to visit a hospital,” Ms Marques said, adding that it would involve agreements with both state and private hospitals.

In Portugal, medical emergencies cost around 14 euros, while a public consultation in a health centre can cost between 9 to 45 euros.

After last year’s successful campaign of Brelcome, Portugal managed to reverse a 2018 decrease in British tourism after a six-year growth.

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Olhão installs new electric charging station for cars

Feb 18 2020 Published by under Local News

The new PCN station in Olhão has two charging spaces for electric vehicles. This is the first public electric station operating in the city.

Thanks to a protocol signed between the council, the Algarve Intermunicipal Community (AMAL) and Turismo de Portugal, the new station is part of a programme intended to install in all the municipalities of Portugal electric-vehicle charging infrastructures.

Located at Vitoriano Rosa street, next to the Algarve Outlet pharmacy, it counts with two PCNs, or semi-fast chargers, that allow users to charge up to 80 per cent of an electric car’s battery in sixty minutes.

The PCN in Olhão can be used free of charge, under an agreement between the municipality and MOBI.E, the entity managing the network for electric mobility.

However, the free concession will be passed to the public company MOBI.E before June and the use of the station will then be charged.

The Olhão council will install another PCN for electric vehicles on 5 de Outubro Avenue. These measures are part of the council’s decision to promote several environmentally friendly initiatives.

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FC Porto striker Marega walks off the pitch after racist chants against him

Feb 18 2020 Published by under Local News

Minutes after scoring the goal that gave the victory to his team against Vitória SC, Moussa Marega walked off the pitch tired of listening to racist chants. Watch the video of his reaction.

FC Porto striker Moussa Marega, who is from Mali, was visibly angered by monkey noises and other insults aimed at him in Guimarães, during the game FC Porto x Vitória SC. After he scored Porto’s second goal, the chants intensified and decided to abandon the game, being visibly upset.

However, when Marega started to walk off the field, several players from both Porto and Vitórias’s teams tried to stop him. Porto coach Sérgio Conceição also went on the field and spoke with the player, trying to calm him down.

It took Marega several minutes to leave the field. The furious player held his thumbs down at the crowd and exchanged insults. The crowd responded with loud jeers.

The attitude of both the fans and other players has drawn criticism on social media. Prime-minister António Costa expressed in a tweet his support for the player, condemning the racist chants.

Several teams in the Portuguese league also lamented the scene, saying that racism has no place in a sporting event.

Marega posted a message on Instagram expressing fury at the episode. “I would just like to tell these idiots who come to the stadium to make racist shouts … go f*ck yourself,” he wrote.

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More luxury stuff? It seems like it. New buildings in Faro’s downtown

Feb 14 2020 Published by under Local News

While the Algarve is figuring out ways to avoid an imminent housing crisis, the over-saturated luxury market keeps investing in the region. Faro will host works for a 50 million-euro apartment complex in front of the Ria Formosa.

A 50 million-euro project was accepted by the council to transform the old rundown flour mill factory into a luxury apartment complex, overlooking the Ria Formosa. Construction begins in May.

The old building next to Faro’s train station was scheduled to be remodelled for the last ten years but only now the project is set to begin. The building used to host the activities of the Faro Musicians’ Cultural Association (ARCM).

The complex will be called Moagem Residence and will count with four eight-storey buildings and one eleven-storey tower, with one to four-bedroom apartments, overlooking the estuary of the Ria Formosa.

The new construction will occupy the whole block where the old factory is currently standing. The project is being developed by Vilamoura XXI.

According to the agency marketing the apartments, the building will not follow “any specific architectural plan” besides leaving the original silos where the eleven-storey tower will be built.

Mayor Rogério Bacalhau supports the luxury complex project, saying it follows the municipal guidelines and that it will bring new life to the area. He added that Faro welcomes residential projects such as this one.

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