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New electric charging stations in Albufeira

May 31 2019 Published by under Local News

The Municipality of Albufeira has announced two new free charging stations for electric cars.

Located in the public parking on Rua do Município and on Rua Manuel Bentes Júnior, this investment of 20.000 Euros aims to bring state electric chargers to the citizens of Albufeira, as an alternative to fuel vehicles.

The two new stations are linked to the MOBI.E network. Anyone registered with the network can apply for a card to use the stations.

As a way to create newer, more sustainable transportation methods that don’t harm the environment, these chargers will be free for an initial testing period.

Albufeira’s fleet already has eight electric vehicles and aims to increase in the near future.

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Benjamin Clementine in Faro

May 30 2019 Published by under What's happening

The English pianist and singer-songwriter will perform at Teatro das Figuras on June 3

“A night with Benjamin Clementine and his Parisian string quintet” is the nickname for the acoustic tour that Clementine brings to Faro on Monday, June 3.

 The tour includes seven nights in Portugal between June 2 and 10. Coimbra, Faro, Aveiro, Guarda, Braga, Ponta Delgada and Porto are the cities chosen to receive the performance never less than overwhelming of the musician who has admitted in several interviews to feel deeply understood by the Portuguese public.

After the most recent tour with David Byrne in the United Kingdom and the United States, Benjamin Clementine offers his audience a unique and intimate acoustic proposal that will feature the English musician accompanied by five French musicians.

On this tour Benjamin Clementine plays his repertoire, including his debut album “At Least For Now,” which won him the Mercury Prize, and his most critically acclaimed album, “I Tell A Fly”, which led him to be considered by the American National Public Radio (NPR) as “a musical George Orwell of our time”.

Ticket prices go from 30 to 60 euros and can be bought here.

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Madonna confirms new shows in Lisbon after selling out the first four nights

May 30 2019 Published by under What's happening

After selling out the first four shows in half an hour, Madonna announced two more shows in Portugal’s capital.

Pop legend Madonna will give to extra performances at the Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon. The shows are scheduled for the 16, 18, 19, 21, 22 and 23 of January 2020.

Tickets for the added shows (22 and 23) will be on sale next Friday, May 31, at 10 am.

There were initially three shows announced that were sold out in less than thirty minutes.

Madame X tour will start this September at the Howard Gilman Opera House in New York, before going to several cities in the United States.

More intimate performances are expected, as most of the tour goes through smaller venues.

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Looking for a fancy meal? Check these fine restaurants in the Algarve

May 29 2019 Published by under Lifestyle

We made a list of some of the finest restaurants in the Algarve. Check it out!

Sometimes we have to treat ourselves to something special, or we are receiving friends and family from abroad and we want to take them to a fancy place to celebrate the reunion. The Algarve has quite a lot of high-end restaurants. These are some of them!


Just a different concept: this is a night club with a pool in it an exceptional fine dining restaurant. Located in Vale do Lobo, this restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. Medusis Club offers traditional Portuguese flavours with a modern twist and great presentation. Dine in the esplanada or in the Club’s stunning interior in front of the medusa aquarium.


Vila Joya is located in Albufeira. This lovely gourmet restaurant sits inside a 4-star hotel and is fairly small, you’ll have to book in advance. It has two Michelin stars and is a popular spot among visitors with big wallets and big stomachs. Choose between fresh fish and seafood or various delicious meat recipes, and enjoy stunning views of the sea.


Yet another restaurant with two Michelin stars, Ocean Restaurant, located in Vila Vita Parc Resort, is a haven of stylish and elegant luxury. With views to the Atlantic Ocean and the resort gardens, Ocean Restaurant is an intimate place with the smooth cuisine produced by Chef Hans Neuner’s team. The menu is focused on fresh and seasonal products of the Algarve, with particular attention to seafood.


Bon Bon is all about creating a remarkable experience for its client, with tasting menus that go from four to six courses accompanied with wine. Prices range from €100 to over €200 per person. Each dish, made from the freshest ingredients, is followed by a delicate light bite. Right in Carvoeiro, Bon Bon is a well-known secret of the Algarve.

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Seahorse sanctuary in Ria Formosa proposed

May 29 2019 Published by under What's happening

The Peoples, Animals, Nature party (PAN) proposed the creation of a sanctuary on the waters of the Ria Formosa in order to protect the endangered species.

This legislative initiative comes after years of research showing the decrease of this species in the Ria Formosa Natural Park. Reducing the “anthropogenic pressure” by stopping illegal fishing and limiting economic recreational activities are some of the measures proposed to protect this native species of the Algarve.

Census data shows an exponential decline in the amount of seahorses over the last two decades in the Ria Formosa, that goes from Vila Real de Santo António until Loulé.

PAN asks the Government to consider seahorses a protected species in need of recovery.

Besides water pollution, there is a growing trafficking network of that illegally net fishes and traps seahorses to sell them to the Asian market.

“Given this identified high risk, it is evident that the conservation of the seahorse species is compromised, thus requiring greater protection at a national level” said the party.

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Municipality of Silves stops land plan for Zoomarine expansion

May 28 2019 Published by under Local News

The decision made by Silves City Council is available for public consultation until June 3.

The Municipality of Silves, located in the Algarvian Barlavento, has suspended its Public Land Plan near Sítio do Ribeiro to allow the expansion of the Zoomarine Sealife amusement park.

This decision was taken by the city Council on Monday, and it is available for public consultation until June 3.

Zoomarin’s expansion is expected to occupy a plot of land behind the existing attraction, and it would include a cable car, more parking, a new wave pool, and a solar panel park.


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Loulé promotes awareness campaign to improve the environment in the public space

May 28 2019 Published by under Local News

In a clear commitment to improving the public space and in an appeal for the correct disposal of waste, Loulé City Council has an ongoing awareness and information campaign with its citizens.

One of the main points of this initiative already underway is the placement of exterior cladding in the moloks of the urban centres of Loulé, Quarteira, Almancil and Boliqueime, which contains some information on how to dispose the waste in these places, as well as some tips for preserving the environment, particularly at the level of recycling, also appealing to the rules for cleaning the streets and the area surrounding the containers.

In a second phase, the Municipality will create totems next to other solid urban waste disposal points, namely garbage containers, especially in the most peripheral areas, keeping the same information and awareness message for the maintenance of clean spaces.

The sending of flyers with information next to the water bills, as well as the disclosure in the bulletins of the parish councils, the municipal agenda or social networks and the site of the municipality have been other vehicles to disseminate the ideas inherent to this project.

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Culture and gastronomy come together in Quarteira

May 27 2019 Published by under What's happening

From May 30th to June 2nd, in Quarteira, in Praça do Mar, there will be another edition of Petiscos do Pescador, a party organized by Quarpesca, with the support of the Quarteira Parish Council and the Loulé City Hall.

The petiscos and the fisherman are once again the protagonists, where culture and gastronomy are intertwined in this traditional event.

With a vast musical programme and the always appetizing flavours of seafood and fish, this event is already an important reference, not only in the city where it takes place but also in the municipality of Loulé.
Click here to have access to all the information about the event.

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Flavours with origin and history – here comes the Mercado da Terra

May 24 2019 Published by under What's happening

The 1st Mercado da Terra of São Bartolomeu de Messines will take place on May 25th, at the Municipal Market of Vila.

This is the first Mercado da Terra to be held in Portugal, as part of the global network of markets of this kind promoted by Slow Food, which aims to promote local foreign communities, their gastronomy, products and culture. In this first edition, the Moroccan community will be invited.

The main objective is to create a market of producers that is differentiated by quality, while also promoting the concept of Mediterranean gastronomy and diet.

Slow Food is a non-governmental movement and organization founded by Carlo Petrini in 1986, with the aim of promoting a greater appreciation of food, improving the quality of meals and production that enhances the product, the producer and the environment. It is a political and philosophical opposition to the massification and standardization offered by fast-food.

With the Mercado da Terra project, Slow Food initiates an international network of farmers’ markets consistent with its philosophy: food that is good for the palate, clean for the environment and fair for society. Only local and seasonal products are on sale, sold directly by those who produce them.

Markets are organized on a regular basis, predictably once a month, in the same place and at the same time. There will also be a program of gastronomy, entertainment and plenty activities.

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Cape verdean musician Tcheka comes to Santo Estêvão

May 24 2019 Published by under What's happening

On May 25th, Saturday, at 10 pm, it’s Tcheka’s turn to give music to the Serões da Primavera and brighten up these near-summer nights a little more. Once again it will be the Casa do Povo de Santo Estêvão to welcome this Cape Verdean artist, who, throughout his career, has created a unique and exquisite style that is a proof of the global influences he has embraced.

His essence is impossible to understand, let alone define – he is neither modernist nor traditionalist, and his music resists any categorization or easy comparison. While referring to various genres in Cape Verde, Tcheka’s music is also a busy cross between Brazilian and African pop, traditional forms, folk, jazz, blues, rock… It’s never just Cape Verdean, and it’s never just music, but always captivating.

Tcheka’s fifth album, Boka Kafé, released in 2017, consists of solo pieces that highlight its inimitable form and mastery of the guitar and unmistakable vocals. He has often performed with renowned Portuguese pianist Mário Laginha. In recent years he has enchanted audiences all over the world, from New York to  Chicago, Singapore, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Seoul, Oslo, Frankfurt…

The Serões da Primavera have the support of the Municipality of Tavira, inserted in the municipal program “Viva a Primavera”, the Regional Direction of Culture of the Algarve and the parish of Luz de Tavira and Santo Estêvão.

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