Portugal-Spain border to remain closed after May 14

The land borders between Portugal and Spain, which are currently closed, will remain so after May 14. There is no date currently for the reopening.

As previously reported by The Algarve Post, borders between Portugal and Spain wold remain close until May 15. However, the Portuguese Minister of Internal Affairs announced that the lockdown will most likely remain effective after that day.

In the parliamentary committee on Constitutional Affairs, Rights, Freedoms and Guarantees, where he was heard this afternoon, Eduardo Cabrita said that the control of land borders will be extended beyond May 14, although the minister did not mention a reopening date.

“I do not anticipate any date”said the minister, stressing that everything depends on the success of Portugal and Spain in the fight against covid-19.

The current border points operating under surveillance are:

  • Valença-Tuy,
  • Vila Verde da Raia-Verín,
  • Quintanilha-San Vitero,
  • Vilar Formoso-Fuentes de Oñoro,
  • Termas de Monfortinho-Cilleros,
  •   Marvão-Valencia de Alcântara, Caia-Badajoz,
  • Vila Verde de Ficalho-Rosal de la Frontera and
  • Vila Real de Santo António-Ayamonte.

Within the scope of border control, tourist and leisure travel between the two countries is prevented, with only the transport of goods and cross-border workers being allowed.

“The lifting of borders must be done with great prudence” said the Minister, adding that “it will be done in absolute dialogue with the Spanish authorities”.

Portugal has been in a calamity situation since Sunday due to the covid-19 pandemic, after a month and a half of state of emergency, from 19 March to 2 May.

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