The Algarve Post is a local news blog established in January 2019. Our goal is to provide useful and always up to date English language news and opinions about current affairs and events in the Algarve region. We are a Tavira based team of writers, vloggers, entrepreneurs and most of all local residents with a profound affection for the region we live in. At The Algarve Post we focus on current local news and business news, cultural events, interesting stories about about local citizens and expat residents.

Soon we are also planning to launch an English language directory of beaches, restaurants, car and bike rentals, as well as hospitals and clinics. The directory is now being programmed and will have its own search engine allowing to do search by many categories like location, opening hours, price level etc. We are open to collaborate with local event organizers, cultural institutions.


Editor in Chief:

Chris Bulski

Editorial Staff:

Jaroslaw Nowak, Patricia Nogueira, Nuno Quinta, Mariano Alejandro
Ribeiro, Richard Thompson

Jaroslaw Nowak, Patricia Nogueira, Nuno Quinta, Mariano Alejandro, Ribeiro, Richard Thompson



Jaroslaw Nowak