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New Year’s Eve in the Algarve

Dec 27 2019 Published by under What's happening

2020 is around the corner, see here what to do in the Algarve to celebrate New Year’s Eve!

As the year comes to an end, everyone rushes to make plans for the last night of 2019. Check here what is happening in the Algarve!

With start with Albufeira, the most famous city in the region to celebrate New Year’s Eve. A 50-metre-long stage with laser towers will be at the centre of the show in Praia dos Pescadores. At midnight, fireworks will be launched from the sea, by boats timed with a multisensorial sound and laser show on the shore. A great choreography is guaranteed.

Rock bands Amor Electro and The Black Mamba will also perform on the evening of December 31st.

The city of Lagos will also present a night of shows on December 31st. In Praça do Infante, afro rhythms by Anselmo Ralph will keep you dancing until midnight. Then, the usual fireworks will welcome you into 2020. The after-party will be in the hands of DJ Valex.

In Portimão, 2020 celebrations start on the 28th. A fun nightlife will have you singing and dancing until the first of January with several concerts. Shows start every night at 10 pm. Fireworks launched from Praia da Rocha and by the waterfronts of Portimão and Alvor.

Quarteira and Monte Gordo will too take the party to the beach. Concerts, DJs, dancers and then firework will light the sky to welcome 2020.

Finally, Faro will host its party at the Marina. The Square Manuel Bivar, near Faro bars and clubs, will have DJs and musicians entertaining everyone.

Make sure to bring a bottle of bubbly and 12 raisins to welcome 2020, as it is tradition in Portugal, and make a wish for each raisin. Don’t forget to have fun! Happy New Year!

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Strike in Portuguese airports until December 29

Dec 26 2019 Published by under Local News

Ground handling workers from Portway announced that they will strike in Faro, Lisbon, Porto and Funchal from December 27 until 29. They ask for welfare and opportunities for career progression.

The National Union of Civil Aviation Workers (SINTAC) will advance with the strike of Portway workforce.

SINTAC says the directors of the company are cutting social allowances and rights won by its workers over the last two decades. According to the union, these decisions are being taken to expand the profits of Vinci Group, the owners of Portway.

The union stressed that for the last three years workers have not received increases or chances of career progression, while the company keeps growing at their expense and directors’s salaries keep increasing.

Since the concession of the company by the State in 2013, Portway has contributed financially and economically to the country, as Portugal became a key touristic destination in Europe and airports boosted its relevance.

“It is urgent to alert all Portuguese to the real dimension of the importance of assets such as airport management and air transport in the future economy” the union commented.

Without the protection of workers, several industries have disappeared because of poor management, as it was the case with agriculture and fisheries in recent years. According to the SINTAC, the handling sector is too in the process of disappearing.

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Albufeira has a new music festival – South Sound Arts Festival

Dec 26 2019 Published by under What's happening

Marina de Albufeira will receive on December 30th, the new South Sound Arts Festival, a festival that will happen in 2020 in Albufeira.

The launch of the festival will bring to Albufeira, free concerts that have Carlão as the headliner. Entrance is limited to the capacity of the enclosure and takes place from 20h00.

The organization of the South Sounds Arts Festival will announce the first dates of 2020 and make known a little more about what distinguishes the festival, starting with its periodicity.

More than an annual festival, South Sounds is characterized by being divided into acts that stage different areas: music, theatre, dance, film, literature, fashion and other forms of artistic expression, which may have more or less minor expression depending on the focus of the act in question.

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Parliament recommends immediate suspension of dredging in Sado river

Dec 24 2019 Published by under Local News

The Green party presented a resolution to stop the dredging by a Belgian company in the Natural Reserve of river Sado. The resolution was supported by the Communist party, the Left Bloc, Livre, PAN and centre-right PSD.

On the last session before holidays, ministers voted for a draft plan recommending the government to suspend immediately the controversial dredging in the estuary of the Sado river.

As the vote took place in the assembly, several protesters outside chanted in favour of the Natural Reserve of the Sado, in Setúbal, demanding to stop works on the estuary.

The resolution was presented by the Greens of PEV, and it was supported by the  Communist party, Left Bloc, PAN, LIVRE and the centre-right PSD. The centre-left PS from the government voted against, so did the conservative CDS.

Ministers question the government’s enthusiasm in support of the dredging, as much public opposition and courts in Setúbal have decisively expressed their opinion.

As the Algarve Post explained in a previous article on this issue, citizens, fishermen, local business and environmentalists affirm that the removal of millions of cubic tons of silt in the estuary of their river will permanently destroy one of Portugal’s most valued reserve. The estuary of the river feeds and helps in the reproduction of several marine species, including bottle-nosed dolphins.

NGO SOS Sado demands scrutiny, discussion and an explanation for the locals, arguing that the decision of the government in supporting this project raises all sorts of suspicions.

Accusing the PS government of being greedy and contributing for the destruction of the country’s natural heritage, overriding the will of the citizens, SOS Sado celebrated the decision of parliament. However, the resolution presented currently has no effect over the dredging, signalling only the position of the parliament.

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Dead whale washes up twice in Quarteira beach

Dec 24 2019 Published by under Local News

A 12-metre-long whale washed up dead twice last weekend in Quarteira. Locals grouped on the beach to see the of the carcass of the massive animal.

The massive whale appeared on the shore for the first time on Saturday. However, the sea took her back to the ocean before authorities could deal with it.

On Sunday, the high tide brought the carcass again, and authorities prepared to retrieve it and bury the animal in a landfill. The operation will be finished by Monday 23.

A biologist involved in the operation argue that it is not possible to establish the cause of death, although it was not related to the occurrences of storm Elsa.

Experts said they cannot leave the carcass on the beach as it would be a danger to public health as it decomposes on land or it could cause a shipwreck if it hit a boat at sea.

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Two dead and seventy evacuations as storm Elsa takes Portugal

Dec 24 2019 Published by under Local News

Over 6200 occurrences were recorded in mainland Portugal in the last two days. Bad weather caused two deaths, one missing and seventy evacuations between Wednesday and Friday morning.

According to Civil Protection in an announcement made to agency Lusa, 6237 occurrences were recorded in the last two days. Lisbon, Porto and Viseu were the most affected by the depression Elsa.

Fall of structures, trees, earth slides, earth movements and floods were the main occurrences.

IPMA has under orange warning, the second most serious caution, twelve of the eighteen districts of mainland Portugal. The Portuguese weather institute also warned about a new depression that will most likely hit Portugal on Saturday. Fabien, the name of the storm, will affect North and Centre with strong winds, heavy rain and sea turbulence.

However, depression Fabien will not have the same intensity in Portugal as the storm Elsa, being less windy.

A gradual improvement of the weather from Sunday onwards is expected.

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Footage of river in Loulé goes viral as storm Elsa floods Portugal

Dec 20 2019 Published by under Local News

The video of the river in Alte, Loulé is only one of the various footages recorded from several places in the Algarve. Rivers, streams and ponds augmented during the night with storm Elsa.

Various locations across the Ria Formosa, such as the Barra of Tavira, are currently closed for sailboats and ships due to bad weather.

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Earthquake in Azores islands

Dec 19 2019 Published by under Local News

A 4.7 magnitude earthquake (on the Richter scale) was felt yesterday in Fayal and Pico. The archipelago is going through a seismic crisis for the last month and a half.

A light earthquake was felt again last Wednesday in the archipelago of the Azores, according to the islands’ Seismology Institute. It was recorded at 8.51 am (one less hour than Lisbon’s timezone). The epicentre was 30km to the west of Faial. Two days before another seism was felt.

Although it did not cause considerable wreckage, it was felt in Capelo, Castelo Branco and Feteira, according to several citizens. The CIVISA continues to monitor the evolution of the situation, as this is yet another seismic activity since November 3.

According to IPMA, earthquakes are ranked according to their magnitude from 1 to 10. This was a light to moderate earthquake.

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Renature Monchique: over two thousand trees planted in Monchique hills

Dec 19 2019 Published by under Local News

Fifty volunteers helped to plant over two thousand trees in Monchique last Saturday. This project aims to reforest the hills devastated by the wildfires of 2018.

Since November, this initiative, coordinated by environmental NGO Geota, has already helped to plant fifteen thousand trees in the region. The goal of Renature Monchique is to plant a total of 75 thousand by the end of April.

A key step to recover Monchique’s natural heritage, this reforestation process also implements a strategy that will help to conserve and to protect biodiversity in the area.

The trees are being planted on the Algarve’s western side, in a 250-hectare area severely destroyed in the summer of 2018 by a wildfire.

Now, the goal is to plant 75 thousand native species, such as oak, chestnut, and strawberry trees.

Renature Monchique, besides being funded by donations from customers of Ryanair, counts with the support of Geota, Monchique Council, Nature and Forest Conservation Institute and the Algarve Tourism Board.

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Faro local commerce fears worst holiday season in years

Dec 18 2019 Published by under Local News

Traders and merchants from Faro downtown say it is the worst holiday season of recent years.

According to news agency Lusa, storefronts argue that big shopping centres and online shopping have taken most of the costumers.

Rua de Santo António is one of the most important streets in Faro, and still the main shopping location in the historic centre. Although it is one of the several pedestrian areas of Faro, it has always been one of the busiest. For decades Rua de Santo António was the main reference of local commerce.

However, in present-day, after 5 pm, there are hardly any customers around, even on holiday season. To try to counter the weak sales, some storefronts have presented big discounts that leave them with little profit.

In the last decade, in the Algarve, four large shopping centres have emerged, in Tavira, Olhão and Loulé, severely affecting the commerce dynamics of downtown stores.

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